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Gabe Rich Is Truly a HotFutbol Supporter

Gabe is a rising eighth grader at Berkshire Country Day School, and he just had his Bar Mitzvah a couple weeks ago.  Quite a while before that Gabe came to me and told me he wanted to help HotFutbol as his Mitzvah Project.  Well, help he did, and I could not be more proud of his hard work.  I’ll let Gabe pick it up from here:

“I want to thank everyone who contributed funds and equipment to HotFutbol Haiti for my Mitzvah Project.  A Mitzvah project  involves  doing a  “good deed”  and I was so happy to be able to do something to help this amazing program, and to work with John Evans.  We raised over $1000 and got a lot of equipment including  awesome new cleats, shin guards, jerseys, balls, warm ups and soccer socks, plus much more!!  It was so cool what was accomplished by reaching out to friends, family and businesses in our community, and I appreciate the incredible generosity!   This was an important project for me because I learned that I can set and accomplish goals, and that it takes many people to get it done!  I hope to continue my work with HotFutbol and eventually travel to Haiti to volunteer.”

Gabe, I can’t wait till you have the opportunity to to come to Haiti and work with HotFutbol.  You bring something special to everything you do.


Monsignor Andre

Monsignor Andre of the church of St. Francis of Delmas celebrates the 6th year anniversary of the earthquake and the opening of this year’s soccer program at Park Izmery. 

 IMG_0691 IMG_0696

Monsignor Andre of the church of St. Francis of Delmas hosts a medical clinic at Park Izmery for the families and children of the neighborhood.  

IMG_0672 IMG_0673


HotFutbol After School Program

I’ve heard it a lot, “It’s not the shirt on the player, but the heart of the player inside the shirt that tells the tale.”
There are lots of kids that “hang out” at Park Izmery, but there’s something special about the kids who play soccer in the HotFutbol After School Program. There’s a joy, a pride, and a level of energy and involvement that is special. There’s a chemistry in the group, and a certain magic in the game of soccer that simply seems to bring out the best in kids. It makes all the work worthwhile….


A Special Trip

I’ve had a lot of fine trips to Haiti, but there was something very special about this one, and that’s the guys who came down with me. Rowan, Juri, Sam, Isaac, and Will have been teammates at Monument Mt. HS, and it shows. They’re disciplined, hardworking, tough, and loyal to each other in the ways that only true teammates can be. They make tough tasks seem easier through cooperating. They share, and it shows when one saves the last sip of his water for a teammate. They know each other well enough to push each other when a push is needed, and to catch each other when they fall. All Spartans can be proud of these five. I would stand with them anywhere, any time!