Welcome to the 4th Annual

15x15 HotFutbol Challenge Grid

In Port-au-Prince, Haiti, childhood's season is cut short by poverty, hunger, lack of housing, education, healthcare, and opportunity.  Right now Haiti is suffering from a political crisis resulting in fuel shortages, hospital closures, and food shortages, in short, a country-wide lockdown.  

In that environment childhood's most precious activity, play, is critically endangered. But there is a sanctuary in Port-a-Prince. It is HotFutbol in Park Izmery, walled off from the chaos in the streets- a place where childhood's short season is protected.

Please help us to protect and keep this sacred space for the children and community of Park Izmery by contributing to our goal of raising $18,772.00 this year by completing our 15x15 challenge grid.

Here’s how to donate using the grid:


Look at the 15x15 number grid below.

There are 225 separate numbers. Pick an available number (or multiple numbers!) on the grid.

Let us know the number(s) you selected

by email at info@hotfutbol.org.

Donate the total

When you add your numbers to get your total, click on our Paypal button below and donate that dollar  amount.
[i.e. if you choose the numbers: 22, 37, and 100 then you would donate $159 ]

Click button to donate:

If you have a PayPal account please pay here so no fees are taken out. You may also enroll in PayPal via this link.

No Paypal account? Donate here:

Or you can choose to pay by check by mailing the total dollar amount to: HotFutbol at 2 Anderson St. Great Barrington, MA 01230

Donations are tax deductible.


Thank you in advance and follow our progress on Hotfutbol facebook and instagram.