Community Connections

Park Izmery is the only open space in an inner city neighborhood of Port au Prince.  It offers  safety and room for the community to meet,  play, exercise,  learn and have fun.  



English classes are offered to the children of the soccer program on Saturday mornings.   One HotFutbol staff dedicates time to teaching reading and writing in English.   


Four years ago, with the help of a group of Berkshire County  high school students and local Haitian community members,  a  trash dump was cleared and replaced with garden.  Trenches were dug for irrigation and a well pump restored.  A local community member is hired to plant and farm the garden.  Food from the garden is used in the daily meals for the children. 



 Visitors to Park Izmery from the International Childhood Enrichment Program, a nonprofit out of Maine, raised money and installed a playground for young children with the cooperation of Playmakers Life Is Good Foundation.  It is great to see the playground being enjoyed by young and old.  



Having a field and open space allows  area teams to participate in tournament play at Park Izmery.  The primary school in back of the park meets once a week for a PE class and there are interclassroom matches each week.   High school tournaments take place in  June and  the Adult soccer league hosts a tournament each summer.   


Each year the neighborhood Catholic church  sponsors a Christmas dinner for the community as a celebration of sharing and goodwill.  An annual  health clinic is hosted on the field for everyone in the community. 

A Farmer support group from  Jeremie  and a Clean the Neighborhood group use the park meeting space on Saturdays and Sundays when the park is open to the community from 3:00-6:00.