Together We Made It Happen

We sometimes struggle when things in Haiti move so very slowly, but nonetheless, HotFutbol is thankful that they move deliberately.  Our basketball court at Park Izmery is just such a case. Our friends from Building Bridges Worldwide came to the Park in 2016 to begin the process of enlarging and refurbishing our old, worn Court. The work was hard labor, with all digging done by hand; the rubble of the old court removed; concrete mixed on site and poured into the forms.  People from the community had paid work, and they paired with volunteers who had travelled from the US to get the job done.

Three years later the court has new posts, backboards and hoops; it's painted and lined for several sports; and it is surrounded by a fence that separates it from the soccer field and makes it possible to control access.  Ricardo, HotFutbol’s country director, is setting up kids' programming as part of the After School Program, and will be leasing the space per hour for teams/leagues from around Port Au Prince. Any profit will flow into funding the program and the Park as we try to continue improving infrastructure and reaching out to more boys and girls to be part of the fun.

HotFutbol looks at this project and appreciates the vision, the work, the energy, and the time that went into it, and the gratitude everyone feels for trusting that this community can get it done.  As the Haitian proverb so aptly says, “ Pitit, Pitit, zwazo fe niche” -”Little by little the bird makes its nest”. As we develop a vision of what comes next, we look at that beautiful basketball court and know that we have a project under our belts that says, "TOGETHER WE CAN!"  


Elena Evans