On June 20th after much planning, the ribbon was cut and the newly fenced and painted regulation size basketball court at Park Izmery was blessed and open for use. Msgr. Andre of the church that began after the earthquake on the soccer field offered the blessing. John Evans of HotFutbol did the dedication (in Kreyol) . Jason Valbrun was honored for directing the project. In attendance at the games played by girls teams, boys teams, and adult men, were the president fo the Haitian Basketball Federation, Henry Jean, the vice president, and a coach in charge of logistics for basketball in Haiti. Tournament play went into the night hours. DJ Buddha provided the music and local vendors sold food and drink. It was a wonderful opening for the park . MERCI ANPIL to country director for HotFutbol Ricardo Balmir, for all the planning and logistics, and the long term view of making this happen. Thank you to all the HotFutbol staff for your hard work. Thanks Building Bridges International for re-building the court !

Elena Evans